The Wildlife Advocacy Project is a non-profit advocacy group founded by Katherine Meyer and Eric Glitzenstein of the Washington, DC public interest law firm, Meyer Glitzenstein & Eubanks LLP. We advocate the recognition and respect for the innate wild nature of all animals–whether in confinement or in the wild.

We assist grassroots activists in achieving long-term protection of wildlife and the environment, and in stopping the abuse and exploitation of animals held in captivity.

The Project provides resources, and strategic and substantive advice and expertise, to grassroots organizations and activists. We can achieve greater protection for wildlife in the courts, legislatures and the regulatory agencies, when the public is educated and mobilized to fight against the degradation of wildlife.

The Wildlife Advocacy Project seeks to complement and supplement the efforts of grassroots activists. It uses the knowledge, experience, and expertise of its staff and Board members to help grassroots activists pursue, support, and win long-lasting conservation benefits for animals and the planet.



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